"Strengthening Career Goals & Empowering Success"

What We Offer?
What We Offer?


A full range of affordable services, options, and tools, combined with a successful history of assisting clients reach their career goals.

We provide cutting-edge, keyword-rich personal marketing documents and training that are unmatched in quality.

Your success is our success! You can be confident that your investment into your career and resume are well worth it and trust that our comprehensive experience and knowledge will be used to select a strategy that best matches your goals and objectives.

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Why Resumes Certified is so awesome?

Entry Level Resumes

In the early stages of your career, it is essential to focus on the quality, rather than quantity, of your experience. Your resume should clearly demonstrate that you have the abilities, strengths, and motivation to assume new responsibilities and challenges.

Professional Resumes

At this stage of your career you have held many titles and wore several hats. As an experienced professional you need to develop your #1 Marketing Tool demonstrating both the depth and extent of your expertise. Your resume must show a core set of professional or technical “hard” skills, an ability to solve problems, and a broader set of administrative and interpersonal “soft” skills. – Career Advancement – Career Change

Executive Resumes

As an experienced executive, you need a carefully crafted marketing document demonstrating your record of successful business relationships, profitability, productivity, and continued growth. Your resume must accurately represent where you have been, while identifying where you plan to go. We will highlight your accomplishments, achievements, and experience that complement the position and responsibilities you currently desire.

Professional Cover Letters

Your cover letter will include specific information that sets you apart and establishes you as an qualified candidate. Your cover letter will include a contact section, a salutation and information outlining your key strengths and accomplishments.

“Strengthening Career Goals and Empowering Success”

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